CIRCLE Workshop - In-Person

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This 3-day CIRCLE workshop will guide you through deepening your connection to the land, the horses and wildlife, and to your own body wisdom. We will use breathwork, BodyTalk, Art play, guided meditation, journalling and Horse Magic to strengthen your connection and intuition.

Attend CIRCLE In-Person

Come in-person to the Singing Horse Ranch (near Vernon, BC, Canada) and have the full physical experience of the land, the horses, the wildlife, the creek, and the incredible mountains surrounding us.

Expect to be viscerally blown away, as your cells and tissue stand upon this magnificent land. As you feel the wind on your face (blows away mosquitoes!), you smell the creek and wildflowers, you see the tree elders and horses streaming out in front of you. It is incomparable.

This ranch is a peak experience, the energies, crystals, beings that exist on this land will blow you away. So if you feel called, come.

You book your own flights, transport, accommodation (we will provide a list of options). And we will shuttle you to and from the ranch each day, from a centralized location in town.

We will also provide a gourmet bag lunch each day (customized to food allergies and preferences), snacks and beverages. An awesome Art Kit with spiral-bound journal is also included in your workshop and you’ll receive this on the first day in case you want to start journalling right away!

Note: The ranch is a true wilderness location with real wildlife – black bears, coyotes, wolves, lynx and the occasional cougar. The horses and dogs keep predators away, and they prefer to avoid humans anyway. To attend in-person, you must be able to walk at least 2 miles and be able to walk leisurely uphill or downhill for 15 minutes. You must also be able to urinate outside (no one can see you, but the toilet may be 20 minutes walk away and you'll lose too much time walking back and forth) and be able to sit on the earth (no chairs).

This CIRCLE Workshop Is:

  • An invitation to open your heart and connect with your heart’s desire
  • A call to go beyond 3D into deeper wisdom and connection with all loving beings
  • An opportunity to clear your blocks, saboteurs, and experience empowerment
  • A journey to create positive change in your life as you increase your ability to hear all of nature and receive guidance

Benefits You Will Receive:

  • Guidance to quiet your busy mind and slip into horse time
  • Exercises to allow your subconscious to speak; through art play and horse connections
  • Methods to hear and communicate with all animals and nature (trees, soil, rocks, etc)
  • The unconditional love that flows from horses and mother earth
  • Simple yet powerful techniques to connect and hear the wisdom of your own body, the whispers of your heart

What You’ll Get:

  • Your own art kit to play with and take home (no art experience required!)
  • Personal horse connection session
  • Group sessions with horses; sharing observations and a-ha moments
  • Guided breathwork, guided meditation and journalling exercises
  • Instruction, experiential learning, and Q&A
  • Catered Lunch Bag each day (customized to your food allergies & dietary preferences)
  • Free time with the horses, the land, the creek, and wildlife (hawks, eagles, owls, elk, deer – we also have coyotes, wolves, bears and the occasional cougar, but they don’t come near humans during the daytime)
  • Experience true Canadian wilderness – no neighbours, no cars, just the sounds of nature

Increase Your Intuition

Güliz will teach you how deepen into a greater experience of inner stillness and peace. She’ll help you connect and open your heart space – so that you can hear the desires of your heart and develop the courage to live from this space of deep wisdom.

And she’ll guide you through tried-and-tested exercises to increase your intuition. To be able to hear horses, wildlife, the earth, your own body… better.


For most of our time on this planet, humanity has sat in circle, sat in ceremony with all the other life forms on this planet; wind, water, earth, trees, plants, insects, animals…

It is only in the last 100 years or so, that we have built concrete barriers to shield and separate us from most of life. Most of us no longer even walk upon earth, let alone commune with wild, unspoiled nature.

With wild horses, on this wild land, we seek to create an experience of connection for you that is as startling as it is normal – your normal, natural birthright as a child of earth. You can probably feel it even through the photographs on this page – the power of the EXHALE that awaits you.

Will you enter into this experience of deep connection, of unconditional love from wild horses and wild land that awaits you?

In case travel is restricted: If the Canadian government restricts travel, making it impossible for you to attend, you will be refunded the workshop fee. If coming from another country, it is your responsibility to check Canadian entry requirements.