Organic Cold-Pressed Flax Oil for Horses - 1 Gallon (CASE of 4 Gallons)

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Cold-pressed, Certified Organic, nutrient-packed premium flax oil from Farmers Own is specifically formulated for your beloved horses. The packaging contains a super convenient screw on pump-spout as well as a sizeable space for your horse’s name!

  • Rich Source of Omega 3
  • Cool Burning Fuel to a Horse Diet
  • Anti-inflammatory Omega-3 EFA
  • Supports Coat Health
  • Healthy Body Condition
  • Aids in Managing Insulin Resistance

Store at room temperature until opened. For maximum freshness, store in a cool place once opened.

NOTE: Price is for a CASE of 4 gallons. Product pictured is 1 of the 4 gallons you'll receive.

FREE SHIPPING within Canada

International Orders: this product ships from Alberta, Canada. Please contact us for a shipping quote:  Note that LTYH Shoppe is not responsible for customs issues and no refunds are possible on international orders.

JINI SAYS: The organic, cold-pressed flax oil is simply FABULOUS. Many of my horses will slurp it up straight from a feed dish - just liquid flax oil, nothing else added.

If you're using the High Point Daily Nutrients for Grass/Hay Fed Horses in Powder form, then just drizzle some of this flax (or hemp) oil over top and it makes the powder way more palatable.

I once offered my horses dried Neem leaves (a natural wormer) and none of them would touch it. Then my Belgian mare Aude told me, "Put some flax oil on it." So I did and 9 out of 11 horses ate it no problem. Did the oil help mask the taste? Or was it needed to utilize the medicine properly? Who knows? But the horses knew :)

You may think that 4 gallons of flax is a LOT of flax oil for your needs. However, as long as you store it at room temperature or cooler, if unopened it will last at least a year. To avoid any storage issues, I order this organic flax during the fall/winter months when the box can just sit in my tackroom and it's cool enough for even the opened bottle to remain fresh. Then in the spring/summer I switch to the Superfood Hemp Seed Oil which is very temperature stable. I think the variety of healthy fats is also good for the horses.

Flax oil has high levels of Omega-3 essential fatty acid. Anti-inflammatory for the skin and gut and improves the coat, mane, tail and hooves. Crucial for foal brain development and helpful for arthritis and insulin resistance. The Singing Horse herd LOVE IT!

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